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WEQ Clarification Requests
WEQ Clarification Requests:

   Request Form for Clarification or Interpretation of a Standard - Word Format

Request # Requester Date Received Standard Affected Description
C13002 Bonneville Power Administration

Rodereck L. Kelley
October 1, 2013

Withdrawn by Submitter November 27, 2013
NAESB WEQ Business Practice Standard: WEQ-004-19, Version 003 Clarify NAESB WEQ Business Practice Standard: WEQ-004-19 topic "CBM" and any associated guidance in the Appendices that may apply in Version 003
C13001 Bonneville Power Administration

Rodereck L. Kelley
February 14, 2013

Withdrawn by Submitter February 15, 2013
NAESB WEQ Standard: WEQ-004 Clarify NAESB WEQ Standard: WEQ-004
C11004 Duke Energy

Alan Pritchard
November 1, 2011 NAESB WEQ Standard: WEQ-001-9.1 and WEQ-001-10.1 Clarify if WEQ-001-9.1 can support a modification of only the source or sink for a long-term firm reservation.


Request for Comments
Due January 11, 2012.

Comments Submitted by R. Bean,
Arizona Public Service Company

Comments Submitted by A. Pritchard,
Duke Energy

Comments Submitted by JT Wood, Southern Company

Comments Submitted by P. Merville, Public Service Company of New Mexico
C07001 Allegheny Energy, Inc.

Amy Klodowski
August 30, 2007 NAESB WEQ Standard 001-1.2 Request for Interpretation whether the WEQ Standard 011-1.2 applies to a generation facility that uses natural gas only as a start-up fuel, but not otherwise for operation


Request for Comments
Due November 5, 2007.

Comments Submitted by E. Skiba, MISO

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