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Terms Of Use For Access to NAESB Standards For Evaluation Purposes
Energy Services Provider Interface Copyright Acknowledgement

The Energy Services Provider Interface (ESPI) Model Business Practices are a work product of the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB). ur work products are created by the members of our organization and the non-member participants, with administrative support provided and subsidized by revenues collected from the sale of our copyright protected work products and membership fees. Per the NAESB Copyright Policy, all NAESB Business Practice Standards and Model Business Practices are protected by the United States Copyright laws. The same copyright protection applies to other materials published by NAESB. NAESB has made a one-time exception to the NAESB Copyright Policy by agreeing to attach the Apache 2.0 license to the schemas associated with the ESPI Model Business Practices. This license does not attach to the entire ESPI Model Business Practices themselves, only the schemas contained therein.

For additional information on the NAESB Copyright Policy, please contact the NAESB office via phone ((713) 356-0060) or email (



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If you should encounter any problems or need further information, please call (713) 356-0060.
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